Seriously Stoned

We are in the midst of selecting stone slabs for a big project we are working on and we are finding ourselves stoned -- literally. 

It never ceases to amaze me how the granite and marble and quartzite and other materials we place in our bathrooms and kitchens and on our floors comes from the EARTH. Pressurized rock and elements that over eons and eons of time metamorphosize to create these amazing layered things of beauty that perhaps we often take for granted in our homes. The colors nature creates! The organic patterns! Everything is mesmerizing. Sometimes when I am walking through a stone warehouse and I meander through the rows and rows of slabs sitting elegantly sliced beside each other, I cannot believe that some of these pieces occur naturally. 

We decided to highlight a few of our favorite applications of stone below highlighting its natural beauty or perhaps just doing something artistic with more simplistic materials. We just love letting the stone shine. 

LEFT // We are ALL about the matchbooked stone as of late. We LOVE symmetry and we love gorgeous stone so it's a fun way to marry the two for a big WOW factor in a space. And backlit? Slayed. 

MIDDLE // There is just something so classic and regal about a GORGEOUS piece of marble. The colors, the movement. Always a stunner. We love how this provides a crisp contrast to the brass hood. Mad props on this combination. 

RIGHT // Again with the matchbook! The installation here though is the stunner. Who would've thought to put this as a backsplash of all backsplashes? Who needs a mirror when you can stare at that gorgeousness day in and day out? Huge fans. 

LEFT // Calcutta marble tile in a fabulous pattern as a wall feature in this bathroom is tailored greatness. The contrast with the warmth and pattern of the wide plank floor is making us go ga ga.  

MIDDLE // The use of patterned marble + wood effect porcelain tiles from Surface Tiles is the showcase in this hotel lobby. Love the use of dark and light. Provides gorgeous depth. 

RIGHT // Our architect has a favorite saying: Don't go chasing waterfalls, but we can't help but want to chase this waterfall stone island in an amazing, unknown material. 

Next time you are dicing tomatoes on your gorgeous granite island, don't forget to take time to appreciate its beauty.

Stoned + loving it,