Treasure Hunt

When I was young my grandmother used to drag me to garage sales on Saturdays during the summer. I hated it. Despised. It was hot and humid and the only respite from the sun was the shade under the cover of some stranger's garage. Everything was old, dusty. Chairs needed to be sanded and painted. Toys smelled of mildew. I just didn't get it.

Naïveté got the best of me because clearly, nearly 25 years later, I get it. And I LOVE it.

Luckily, my sister-in-law, Courtney, is also a fan and has started her own business -- check out her Etsy shop! Last summer we started traipsing around the suburbs together visiting estate sales and garage sales. We are hooked. 

I went to an amazing estate sale last weekend of a world-traveled couple who collected items from their journeys. Everything from vintage books to African tribal baskets. I was overwhelmed. 

I couldn't part without these though. Hammered brass nesting trays from Russia. 

Being that my husband's family is from this part of the world, I couldn't resist plus brass is back and fabulous. The best part is the Czar's stamp -- in Russian -- that my father-in-law translated: Fabricated in Tyumen, Russia. He believes these could be more than 100 year old. 

A find with a story. So cool. 

And a long overdue thank you to my grandmother. 

Hope this inspires a hunt in you.